Adoption Profile:

Name: Bobby
DOB: 24/10/14
Sex: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $149
Location: Boronia Heights
Snuggle scope: Affectionate once he knows and trusts you
Cat scope: Gets on well with foster brothers and sisters
Dog scope: Loves the resident dog, but would need proper introductions with new dog
Child scope: Untested
Vet work: Completed
Annual booster due: 5/5/21
Health notes: Bobby is borderline diabetic and has also been diagnosed with urinary crystals. A diet of Hills w/d will help to prevent both of these health issues. But he will need to have his blood levels checked annually to keep a check on the diabetes.


Bobby is a gentle giant who loves to play and he will spend hours chasing the laser light. He absolutely loves his canine brother and is often found cuddled up with him snoozing the day away. Bobby gets along really well with all his foster siblings as well as the resident cats. Bobby would be best suited to a home where there is another cat as he really does love the company.
He can be a little timid to start with but once you have built the trust he will happily snuggle up on your bed to sleep with you of a night time. Bobby is on a special diet of Hills w/d dry food as he has been diagnosed with urinary crystals. This isn’t a problem with Bobby as long as he has the special diet he will be perfectly fine.

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