Adoption Profile:
Name: Hazel
DOB: 10 October 2015
Sex: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $149
Location: Spring Hill
Snuggle scope: Cuddly
Cat scope: Wary of bigger cats and will growl
Dog scope: Untested, but probably wary
Child scope: Untested but would be fine
Vet work: Completed
Annual booster due: 3/4/21


Sweetpea. Chumbly-bum. Sugarsnap. Crazy Hazy.
You want nicknames? Hazel inspires them all.
This gorgeous cinnamon tabby girl is an absolute delight, and will make her future owner a beautiful, adventurous and funny pet.
She is on the smaller side for an adult cat, but has the most scrumptiously plump belly, and is still very kittenish in nature – bouncy, fearless and inquisitive.
Hazel was rescued from death row at the Warwick pound around Christmas 2015, and has lived with her foster carer ever since. Her brother Harry got adopted in late 2016, but she lives in relative harmony with her other foster siblings Crystal, Micah and Tyson.
Hazel would adapt well to a household with other cats as she loves to chase, run, jump and play, but may need some time and patience to adjust. She eats well and uses her litter perfectly, and loves to clamber up scratching poles or up onto high places.
Hazel is not a lap cat, and doesn’t like to be picked up for too long – she’s too busy exploring. However, she loves to sleep on your bed with you, and loves your attention during play time. She goes absolutely nuts over dangling bird toys – she will pursue them until she pants! If you are adopting her as a solo cat, you will need to spend good quality interactive time with her.
Crazy Hazy has been an indoor cat her whole life, and as she has a strong chase drive, needs to be kept indoors to avoid running off and following external distractions. She is untested with dogs, but may learn to live with them given careful introduction.
Note: Hazel’s future forever owner must be willing to stay in contact with her foster carer Natalie, who has a big place in her heart for this funny little girl, and will want to see photos of her flourishing in her new home.
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