Adoption Profile:
Name: Jace
DOB: 25/03/17
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $149
Location: Coorparoo
Snuggle scope: timid at first, definitely needs his humans sitting or lying down before he allows the pats to happen!
Cat scope: great with other cats! Definitely needs a confident feline buddy!
Dog scope: scared
Child scope : over 12 please
Vet work: Completed
Booster Due: 04/12/20


This gorgeous tuxedo boy is always dressed to impress! His favourite things in the world are food, hanging with his feline friends and having a chat! A timid kitty at first, he needs a confident feline friend to show him how pampered he can be by the humans. He loves to spend his days curled up with his foster brother and sister having cat naps. Although an adult he can still run around like a kitten but will than curl up on your bed or couch! Still a little intimidated by big tall humans, he loves a pat but only when his carer is sitting or lying down but once the pats start he loves them. He also enjoys a good chat and is definitely one of the more vocal cats in the house.
Beautiful Jace will flourish in the right home and just needs the right family to come along and give him a chance.

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