Adoption Profile:
Name: Dahlia
DOB: 10/08/2014
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $159
Location: Bowen Hills
Snuggle scope: Will be a lap cat eventually but needs time to get to know you first.
Cat scope: Solo Diva
Dog scope: No
Child scope: No
Vet work: Completed
Annual booster due: 7/10/2022


Meow! Hello! I am Dahlia. Don’t I have the most beautiful eyes? I am as unique as the flower I’m named for. I haven’t had the happiest of lives so I’m looking for someone extra special, and a bit cat savvy, that can help me with my needs and offer me the lifestyle I’ve been missing.

I do love to be the center of attention and I love treats so my Forever Home must adorn me with plenty of both. I do become a little overwhelmed at times though so I need someone extra clever that will recognize when I’ve had enough.

I need to be the only baby in your life (this includes two-legged babies as well!) Once I have bonded with my human they become mine and only mine, and I’m not very good at sharing.

I am still learning that there’s plenty of food to go around and I can get a little aggressive at meal times. It will be best if you save the pats until after I’ve finished my dinner in case I forget my manners.

I do love being patted though and I will follow you around demanding all the head scritches, but please don’t try and cuddle me as I will become frightened. Let me come to you on my own terms and I will have lots of love to give.

Because I do forget my manners from time to time, I’m not very well suited to a home with children or other animals, I need you all to myself.

If you are loving and patient and kind, I will eventually become a lap cat but I need someone extra special that will understand that I’ll need lots of time to get there.

It’s also very important that I remain an inside-only kitty for the rest of my life! If I am allowed outside, I may forget all the good manners I have learned and I may not come home again. I am much safer and happier staying inside!

I know I have a lot of special needs, but if you’re one of those extra special wonderful cat savvy people that can give me the home I’ve been dreaming of my whole life, please let us know!

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