Adoption Profile:
Name: Esmae
DOB: 22/12/17
Sex: Female 
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $159
Location: Seventeen Mile Rocks
Snuggle scope: Not a cuddler yet 
Cat scope: Okay with less dominant cats
Dog scope: okay with gentle dogs with slow introductions
Child scope: Untested
Vet work: Completed
Annual booster due: 30/05/2022



Do you live a quiet lifestyle, and are you looking for a lovely calm companion? Then look no further- Esmae’s your girl! Esmae has grown up in care with BFF, and at just over 3 years old, her kitten antics have now settled down… while she’s still up for a game if you are, she’s equally as happy to curl up next to you on the couch, or take a nap in the sun by the windows.
Esmae doesn’t mind the company of other cats, and she’s happy enough to live alongside little, quiet dogs. Having said that, she’d likely be just as happy to be your one and only pet… that way all the treats and all the pats will be just for her!!!
Esmae is a striking lady with some quirky traits – like licking your toes to tell you she’s hungry, or flopping quite dramatically onto her back to demand head scratches! She is a sweet cat, who has had to work very hard to trust humans – Esmae is still very shy when meeting people for the first time. It takes time for Esmae to build relationships with her people. But once she comes out of her shell, she’s a charming, relaxed companion.
Are you the special someone with the time and patience to give this lovely girl a beautiful life?

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