Adoption Profile:
Name: Alice
DOB: 01/01/2018
Breed: Manx
Gender: Female
Adoption fee: $159
Location: Greenslopes
Snuggle Scope: Enjoys human company, likes pats but not a fan of being cuddled.
Cat Scope: Doesn’t really like other cats, prefers her own space. She would be okay with submissive cats.
Child Scope: Good with children as long as they’re not too loud and don’t corner her.
Dog Scope: Untested
Vet Work: Completed
Next Vaccination Due: 09/07/20


Alice is a delightful solid white Manx cat. She’s a friendly girl that enjoys human company. She will follow you around the house and likes to keep an eye on what you’re doing. She LOVES food and if you have a yummy treat she will be your best friend.

While she’s not a lap cat, she will happily hang out beside you and does enjoy a good pat. She’s not fussed on being held and will complain a bit if you pick her up but is happy to love you and be fussed over on her own terms.

Alice is very fussy with her litter tray, she likes to have at least 2 for her exclusive use and they do need to be cleaned daily, but as long as her litter trays are tended regularly she’s very good with her toileting.

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