Adoption Profile:

Name: Noelle
DOB: 30.12.2014
Breed: DMH
Gender: Female
Adoption fee: $159
Location: Burpengary
Snuggle Scope: Will snuggle on her terms
Cat Scope: Good
Child Scope: Untested
Dog Scope: Good with correct introductions
Vet Work: Completed
Booster Due: 2/7/21
Approximate leave date: Ready to leave care now
Medical note: As Noelle has a history of seizures, she is on daily medication to treat these and will need to remain on this medication. She will also need regular vet check-ups to ensure her medications are working effectively.
Noelle also has hip dysplasia and has had all of her teeth removed due to not being cared for prior to coming into care… (This doesn’t stop her loving her food though)


Noelle is a beautiful special girl with a lovely soft fluffy coat that she LOVES being brushed.
She came into care from a less than ideal situation aged at about 5 years of age. Unfortunately, she had a variety of health issues, a mouth full of rotten teeth, dodgy hips and having seizures. But even with all her problems she has always been a very happy and independent little girl.
Since being in care, she has had ALL her teeth out is on daily medication to help with the seizures and been desexed. Through all her treatments she has continued to thrive and turn into a very happy chirping loving the good life girl.
She has discovered the joys of a lovely soft cuddly blanket and the constant supply of yummy food. Noelle is what we call bomb proof, nothing seems to faze our little foxy girl, other cats, dogs even renovations happening around her! While she is not overly fond of being picked up and cuddled, Noelle will follow you around making her unusual chirping sounds until you provide her favorite ear rubs and scratches.
Noelle is a happy independent girl, she will happily spend her days sleeping on her favorite blanket and chair, or relaxing on the cat tree watching the world go by or happily under your feet when you are in the most special room in the house…..the kitchen!
She is a cheeky, not scared of anything type of girl, with a bit of sass and attitude thrown in, which makes for a purrfect companion.
Are you the one to love Miss Noelle for the rest of her life?

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