Adoption Profile:

Name: Avery
DOB: 27/10/19
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $149
Location: Varsity Lakes
Snuggle scope: Independent lady
Cat scope: Good
Dog scope: Fine with gentle dogs
Child scope: 12+ please
Vet work: Complete
Booster due: 19/01/2022


Avery is super affectionate she loves to sit next to you or on top of you, resting on your feet, up on your chest she craves touch. Cuddle time is also a favourite of Avery’s, when picking her up gently scoop up her from legs and snuggle closely to your chest, she loves head kisses and She’ll purr so sweetly. Avery loves to play, whether it’s a toy mouse, ball or interactive play she loves it all.
With Avery you’ll never be lonely she’ll be by your side always. Avery is great with all accepting cats and most gentle dogs, she does love Bird-avision so if you have a feathered friend that’s safely in it’s cage Avery will be entertained for hours.

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