Adoption Profile:

Name: Morchella
DOB: 19/05/2020
Breed: DSH
Gender: male
Adoption fee: $179
Location: Carindale
Snuggle Scope: Super smooch
Cat Scope: Needs a cat friend
Child Scope: Untested
Dog Scope: OK
Vet Work: complete
Booster due: 4/12/2021


Morchella is glossy black and has the most beautiful face and expressive gorgeous green-amber eyes. Morchella started out as an unsocialized kitten, but you’d never know that now – he is now king of laps and ruler of the lounge! He loves to sleep on the lounge and snuggle up against your legs purring his little heart out. He loves lots of pats and cuddles and curls up (or stretches out) on laps for a nap. He loves to flop and roll around – his favorite way to ask for cuddles is to catch your eye and flop chin up! When he gets going Morchella has the most heart-warming purr that’s hard to stop and he has trouble staying upright while he rolls and flops for cuddles and reaches his head out for rubs when the patting hand is withdrawn. While Morchella would prefer to keep his feet on the ground he’s fine with being picked for short periods of time – such as if you need to move him to be able to fit on the lounge – if you dare move the comfortable kitty!
Morchella may be a little nervous around new cats at first, but he loves having a feline friend. His bestie at the moment is his sister Truffles, who he loves to lay with or on, or ask her to groom him by shoving his head into her – he’s really just a big baby who loves having a friend or two.
Morchella has blossomed into a very handsome and cuddly young cat, and his carers adore seeing how much of a confident love bug he has become. However, he can still be a bit nervous around strangers at first.

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