Adoption Profile:

Name: Sonny
DOB: 16/9/20
Gender: male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $199
Location: springwood
Snuggle scope: on his terms
Cat scope: very good with his siblings unrested around other cats
Dog scope: good in the presence of dogs but not interested in paying them any attention
Child scope: good
Vetwork: First vac 13/1/21
Booster due: 13/2/21
Approx date ready to leave care – mid February


Sonny is a quiet one with a playful soul. He isn’t very vocal and enjoys his space.
He can be a bit jumpy around new people and loud noises but he is quick to recover.
Sonny likes to sit back and observe his surroundings. When he is ready for a nap or a pat he will come to you and purr with great appreciation.
He won’t say no to a game but tends to only participate in brief stints before getting back to his observing.
Once he builds trust with you he will follow your lead.

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