Adoption Profile:

Name: Caroline
DOB: 27/1/2019
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $159
Location: Manly West
Snuggle scope: Loves a cuddle and pat
Cat scope: Will coexist with other cats but prefers them at a distance , she wont seek them out to attack but she does not like them in her bubble.
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Caroline still plays like a kitten and is frisky in nature ,when hyper she can get a little mouthy and swipey so best suited to older children but in saying that she loves playing with kids and is fine with them , she just needs children that watch for the hyper to set in and know when to walk away from her .
Vetwork: completed
Booster due: 09/03/22


Caroline is the matriarch of the blended family , she arrived into care with her teen daughter and 9 kittens between them .
Caroline is a gorgeous little lady who will greet you at the door when you come home , she will follow you around the house and walk across the keyboard while you are trying to work just to get an extra pat or two from you .
Caroline is super chatty and loves a good old conversation with you and will keep you with infinite purrs, nose bobs cuddles.
In saying that Caroline ,while affectionate and loving , has a playful and often naughty streak in her and when hyped up or in a mood she can swipe out with her paw and she will also give you love bites , she has never drawn blood but it can be startling if you are not aware of this behaviour .
Caroline is currently staying at a cattery until we can find a foster carer or forever home for her and is free roaming with a few other cats and not phased by them so long as they stay in her personal space , she greets everyone that comes into the cattery wanting pats and chirrups at them as a hello.
Caroline can often been found chasing balls and toys around the cattery corridors as still such a kitten at heart , she will endlessly play with a toy on a rope !
Caroline is a lovely cat and will charm the pants off you soon as you meet her and so long as someone is prepared to deal with her friskiness when she gets in that swipey / bitey mode she will be your lap cat each night keeping you warm and cosy .
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