Adoption Profile:

Name: Cleo
DOB: 28/06/19
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $149
Location: Bonogin, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: Cleo loves her humans, and loves pats
Cat scope: Cleo is what we call “cat tolerant”. She will co-exist with other felines if they are non-dominant and give her space, but she would be perfectly happy being the solo princess in your home.
Dog scope: Unphased by the small dog in her foster home
Child scope: Would be fine with respectful children
Vet work: Complete
Annual booster due: 20/01/2022
Medical note: Cleo suffers allergies from fleas and plastic. To keep her happy and healthy she needs to be kept up to date with flea treatment, and she needs her food served in non-plastic bowls (either glass or stainless steel)


Cleo came into care late last year with 5 small babies. She was desperately underweight from giving everything she had to her gorgeous babies. Her babies have now been adopted, and for the last couple of months Cleo has been focusing on herself and has now gained a decent amount of weight, and her coat is starting to look amazing!!
Cleo is listed as a domestic short-haired, however as she gained condition from good quality food, she is starting to “fluff” out, and it’s quite clear she’s going to be a fluffy girl.
This little lady has the sweetest nature and loves her people and the pats she receives from them. When you approach her and bend down to pat her, she jumps up onto her hind leads to smoosh her head into your hand – it’s guaranteed to melt your heart. She also would be more than happy to share the bed with her human.
Cleo is currently living in a multi-cat household and is coping OK. She is what we call “cat tolerant” – she will “tolerate” other cats if they stay out of her bubble, but does need her own space. If other cats do get in her face she won’t get aggressive, she will just give a hiss and a little wack to tell them to respect her bubble. Her ideal home would be as the only feline in the home, or with 1 other cat who will respect her personal space.
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