Adoption Profile:

Name: Freesia
DOB: 12/4/20
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $149
Location: Bonogin, Gold Coast
Snuggle Scope: Smoochy and loving
Cat scope: Completely fine with other cats
Dog scope: Not phased at all with the small dog in her foster home
Kid scope: Untested, but would be fine
Vet work: 1st vac 12/04/21
Booster due: 12/05/21
Approx date ready to leave care: Mid-End May


Freesia came into care very skinny and very pregnant! Initially she was very unsure of her situation, but she soon showed herself to be a super sweet smoochy girl!
Less than a week after settling into her foster home, Freesia gave birth to 6 babies (a big litter for a tiny little girl). She has been an amazing mother, and has given her all to her babies, leaving her extremely underweight herself. Her babies are now grown and were recently moved to another carer so that Freesia could focus on herself, and she is slowly starting to gain some weight now that she isn’t feeding 6 little mouths!
Freesia is an amazing little cat! She is so incredibly sweet and loves to be picked up and cuddled and smooched. She will happily jump onto your bed and settle in for the night.
She is completely 100% not phased by the other cats in her foster home, and will greet them with a head bop. And she is now buddies with the small dog also.
Freesia has the biggest eyes, you can get lost in her eyes! She also loves to have a good chat and tell you all about her day!
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