Adoption Profile:

Name: Juliette
DOB: 24 Feb 2021
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $199
Location: Lawnton
Snuggle scope: Affectionate
Cat scope: Not bothered by other cats
Dog scope: Not bothered by the resident small, gentle dog
Child scope: Fine with young, gentle children
Vetwork: Due late May
Booster due: 21/05/21
Approx date ready to leave care: Late May


When Juliette came into foster care, she was not as needy and clingy as her little brother Marlowe, but she has now grown into a beautiful, affectionate little kitten, who gets very purry when she receives pats. Juliette has the most beautiful “face makeup”, with adorable little peach colouring on face, making her unique and stunning in her own little tabby way.
Juliette and her brother play beautifully together and she is never too far from the action. Juliette will happily keep herself occupied and will sleep the day away, but when it’s time for affection and what we call ‘tv time’ in our house, Juliette will come out and find a comfy spot on or near you to enjoy your companionship.
Juliette is a sweet all-rounder who will surely grow into a beautiful natured cat. She plays particularly well with her little brother Marlowe, and whilst not absolutely necessary to keep them together, they are adorable as a family. You will fall in love with this little beauty when you spend a little time with Juliette… of this I have no doubt!
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