Adoption Profile:

Name: Marlowe
DOB: 24 Feb 2021
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $199
Location: Lawnton
Snuggle scope: Super affectionate
Cat scope: Not bothered by other cats
Dog scope: Not bothered by the resident small, gentle dog
Child scope: Fine with young, gentle children
Vetwork: Due late May
Booster due: 21/05/21
Approx date ready to leave care : Late May


Marlowe is a storm in a teacup! So tiny he would probably fit in a teacup, and a heart as big as the moon! Marlowe is super affectionate, seeking you out for cuddles and wanting to get as close to your chest and face as possible. His favourite trick is nuzzling into your neck or waking you with his loud and insistent purrs!
Marlowe is an absolute delight to have around. Sweet natured, cute, and doesn’t take no for an answer. Be warned, if you get tired of paying attention to your pets, this is not the cat for you. Marlowe does not get tired of jumping back onto your lap/couch/desk/bed when you politely put him down on the floor. He will continue the crazed jump back onto you for a cuddle. If you are looking for a true companion that doesn’t leave your side… you will not be disappointed when you meet Marlowe.
Marlowe has a sweet, adorable little sister, Juliette, who is slightly larger in size, and whilst not absolutely necessary to keep them together, they do play adorably together. If you are looking for a cute little pigeon pair, come and meet these little pumpkins.
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