Adoption Profile:

Name: Chipotle
DOB: 16/10/2020
Breed: DSH
Gender: Female
Adoption fee: $189
Location: Carindale
Snuggle Scope: adores cuddles in a safe spot, but is otherwise wary
Cat Scope: Fine
Child Scope: untested, not suited to young children
Dog Scope: does not like dogs
Vet Work: complete
Booster Due: 8/3/2022


Chipotle is a beautiful girl that came into care as an unsocialized kitten, and while she has come a long way, she can still be wary of people. Chippy is usually very wary of people when moving about but is the most adorable little cuddle bug when she’s in her safe spot – her bed on the dresser. Chippy will rub her head into hands, smooshing her face in or turning her shoulders to you directing where she wants her pats. She loves vigorous pats along her neck or shoulders and adores her head and chin pats and scritches. Chippy will purr up a storm and reach out her head or feet if you dare pause in her pats.
Chippy likes playing with her feline friends but can be easily overwhelmed and wary of new cats at first, until she knows they can be friends. Chippy does not like dogs and is not a fan of the resident dog.
Chipotle’s ideal home would be quiet, with a gentle kitty friend and people that have the patience and love to show her that people are the best all the time and help her become her adorable cuddle bug self all the time.
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