Adoption Profile:

Name: Lucy
DOB: 11/3/20
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $159
Location: Coorparoo
Snuggle scope: shy when first meeting new people, but once comfortable will be on the bed and the couch with you, demanding attention
Cat scope: loves playing with her foster brothers and also cuddling up to them when its sleep time
Dog scope: untested
Child scope: untested
Vet work: will be completed before leaving care
Booster Due: 5/8/21
Date expected to leave: early/mid August


This gorgeous little lady started life on a farm and has taken a while to get used to be a spoilt house cat. Now nicknamed Loony Lucy, don’t let her initial shyness fool you! At first sight, Lucy hides from new people. But once she likes you, you better be ready for this crazy character to come out!
Super cheeky, she loves play fighting with her foster brothers and shows no fear in tackling these much bigger boys. Once play time is over she will be ready to snuggle up to them for cuddles and grooming.
Still very playful, her most favourite thing in the world is any toy with a laser! She could play endlessly with a laser toy and will demand you turn on the toy for her very regularly! She will also demand food when its dinner time and will follow you around and meow at you. She will also jump up on to the couch and paw at you to get some pats.
This gorgeous silver cat is such a character and is such to make her new owners laugh!
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