Adoption Profile:

Name: Rhett
DOB: 8/1/2021
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $189
Location: Keperra
Snuggle Scope: Purrs and head boops like absolute crazy when feels calm and safe
Cat Scope: Would be fine with other cats with proper introduction
Dog Scope: Would be fine with cat friendly dogs with proper introduction
Child Scope: Would be fine with older children who understand he needs patience
Vet work: Fully completed
Booster due: 15/07/2022


Rhett is a very handsome slender black boy who came into care with his brother Bandit and sisters Anna and Mitsy. Other than Bandit, Rhett and his whole litter came into care very scared but Rhett has come – such – a long way and is no longer frightened of his carer or scared of strangers, (he wasnt even scared of the vet at his last visit!!) you wouldn’t think he was that same scared kitten! When his carer opens the kitten room door, Rhett is usually atop the cat tree and will vigorously ram his head into his carers hand because he loves head booping so much now! It has been so rewarding to watch him grow and open up and learn that humans are actually pretty cool, have treats, pats and belly rubs to give! Belly rubs are his favourite and he will purr instantly when you give him some and may even roll around on his back. Rhett loves all variety of treaties but loves the Dine tube treats, felix party mix and chicken ‘Temptations’. He loves to play with makeshift toys (a rolled up alfoil ball will do) and likes any toy on a string. With the right family who are willing to give him time and patience to settle in, Rhett will be your best friend and will open up and his beautiful personality will shine. He’s no trouble travelling in a car in his crate, can be picked up and held without issues. Rhett and his siblings live with a German Shepherd dog Gunther who just loves kitten snuggles, and Rhett has no troubles getting getting along with him anymore. They also live with the resident cat Mina. Rhett would adjust well if you have other fur babies or would be fine as an only cat if you work out of home for the day as he can manage on his own quite well. Are you Rhett’s special new family?
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