Adoption Profile:

Name: Peppermint Patty
DOB: 22/11/15
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $159
Location: Kallangur
Snuggle scope: Shy but happy to be cuddled and to have a pat on her terms.
Cat scope: Coexists well with other placid cats
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Patty will hide from young, boisterous and noisy children, but may be ok older, placid children
Vet work: Completed
Annual booster due: 23/07/22


Patty was adopted but returned to BFF through no fault of her own after a change in circumstances found her routine disrupted and she was unable to settle again.
Beautiful Peppermint Patty has piercing green eyes and a sweet and loving nature. We are unsure of what Patty’s past held however she has always been shy and timid around strangers. With a lot of love and work from BFF carers Patty is now comfortable with lots of affection, pats and loves to have a cuddle on the couch.
Patty still tends to avoid the hustle and bustle, preferring to snooze her days away in her cat tower and coming out for a cuddle on the couch when her foster Mum is winding down in the evening. Surprisingly, given her timid nature, Patty is very calm and enjoys a quick snuggle when she is picked up and held. She is the head bop queen and has an enormous purr that is always at the ready when she’s getting a pat.
Patty is still shy very when it comes to strangers and busy situations. For her to reach her full potential and continue to develop into a confident cat she will need to be homed in a quiet, indoor only environment where she is an only cat or only has to share her humans with a few other placid animals. She will need lots of love, patience and a steady routine but the rewards will be infinite for the right family. Patty will also need a family who is able to commit to a quality diet to help her in her weight loss journey 😂
Can you give Patty the chance she deserves to blossom into to the confident, loving cat hiding just under her tabby surface?
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