Adoption Profile:

Name: Ronald
DOB: 28/12/20
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $189
Location: Redcliffe
Snuggle scope: Snugglepuss
Cat scope: Great with correct introductions
Dog scope: Not bothered by resident dog
Child scope: Loves kids (6+)
Vetwork: Desexed & fully vaccinated
Booster due: 13/05/2022
Medical notes – Ronald has a sensitive tummy and is on a special diet


Ronald is a beautiful people-oriented boy. He loves to be with his humans and will follow you from room to room and will chat and chirp away to to get your attention. His favourite vantage point is from your shoulders though, so don’t be surprised if he climbs your leg to get there!
Ronald would be best suited to a family with kids (6+) as he also loves to play and be involved in a busy household. If you have other cats he can snuggle and play with while you aren’t around that would be great too!
Along with his big personality, Ronald has a unique little kink at the end of his tail which adds to his character.
He has had some tummy troubles since he was young so needs a special diet to keep him happy & healthy.
Ronald is a gorgeous, loving boy who would make a great addition to any family.
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