Adoption Profile:

Name: Bono
DOB: 20/05/21
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $209
Location: Albany Creek
Snuggle scope: Wants to be loved, but not ready yet
Cat scope: Relaxed with other cats
Dog scope: Ok with a small gentle dog
Child scope: Suited to a home with no children
Vet work: First vaccination
Date ready to leave care: Late Sept 2021
Booster Due : 22 Oct 2021


Bono comes from a beautiful litter of 5 boys. Not the smallest, and not the shyest, but definitely a striking looking boy. Bono is learning to trust humans, however he’s taking it nice and slow.
Frightened when he first arrived, Bono is now choosing to spend his time indoors, not too far from the action of the lounge room. I have many cherished moments of watching a tiny little kitten, popping his head out from behind the curtain, checking out his surroundings for days on end, until Bono was satisfied, that life inside with the other cats, is pretty cool!
Bono does crave attention and he ocassionally lets his guard down so that you can get close to pat him. When he’s having a nap, you can sneak up and take a few pats, which he absolutely loves and he purrs so beautifully. I can see that Bono has a warm, affectionate personality, but it will take some time to get him comfortable and feeling safe.
When you pretend to not look at Bono, you can see him strutting around the house. He even wanders into our bedroom for a look-see, when he thinks that noone is watching. He has this beautiful little way of getting into your heart, and as he finds his confidence, Bono will be a fantastic companion. A family, wanting to invest time, patience and love will be the perfect setting for him.
Bono loves his brother Elton, who is also a shy boy, and most days you’ll see them curled up together sleeping. They keep each other company when the other boys are off making trouble!
I can’t promise that you’ll get a cuddle if you meet Bono, but you may just notice how much he wants to let his guard down to trust humans and find affection.
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