Adoption Profile:

Name: Elton
DOB: 20/05/21
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $209
Location: Albany Creek
Snuggle scope: Wants to be loved, but not ready yet
Cat scope: Relaxed with other cats
Dog scope: Ok with a small gentle dog
Child scope: Suited to a home with no children
Vet work: First vaccination
Date ready to leave care: Late Sept 2021
Booster Due : 22 Oct 2021


The tiniest of the litter, Elton is the shyest also. He so desperately wants to be your friend, but is a little scared to get too close. Elton is clearly craving attention, and if you quietly, slowly (very slowly) walk towards him, he’ll watch you intently, and if he is having a confident moment, he will let you get close… and then oh my… the PURRS!!!
Elton is such a sweet boy and in a quiet home, I could see him settling right in and finding his confidence. Elton has the possibility of becoming a loving boy and an endeared member of any family, who can find it in their hearts to take it nice and slow with him.
Elton has worked his way up to shy. His first week with us, Elton was super scared and he has come very far from his previous self to now. And we’ve figured out that we can win his heart over with wet food. And he loves roast chicken… he is far less shy if you have a piece of chicken in your hand!!
I can’t promise that you’ll get a cuddle if you meet him, but you may just see the love he has when you look deep into his eyes. He will be a beautiful boy as he learns that humans can be good people.
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