Adoption Profile:

Name: Divvy
DOB: 01/10/2020

Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption fee:$170
Location: Crestmead
Snuggle scope: Very affectionate
Cat scope: Great with other Cats.
Dog scope: Good
Child scope: Age 5+


Medical note: Divvy had a condition called stomatitis which required all of her teeth removed except for her front canines. She does require some dental spray to be applied 3 times a week but other than that she’s a very happy healthy cat.
Divvy arrived into care alongside her brother and sister after they found themselves orphaned at two weeks old, and they were lovingly handraised by one of our specialist neonate carers.
Divvy is such a beautiful, affectionate girl who loves to play and will steal your heart when you meet her. If you’re looking for an affectionate playful cat that will fit in with your other fur babies look no further!
When we have guests over she will demand pats and sit on their lap. Divvy will often demand to be picked up, and if she is ignorned she will just start climbing up herself to obtain that cuddle!
Divvy has a favourite little toy that she loves to play fetch with, and if you ignore her she will squeak and rub up against you as her way of begging you to throw it again.
Divvy’s new home must have another friendly cat to give her company whilst her humans are out and about. She is also socialised with gentle dogs, and would suit a home with older children.
To arrange a meet to see if this could be your perfect match, please submit our meet’n’greet form