Adoption Profile:

Name: Cedar
DOB: 21/08/2021
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Raceview
Snuggle scope: Cedar is a super smooch once he learns to trust you
Cat scope: Good with proper introductions
Dog scope: Good with a quiet kelpie
Child scope: Due to being timid best to have children 13+


Cedar came into care with his mum and siblings after being left behind by their owner and having limited human contact.
Cedar was the quiet scared one of the boys when he first came into care, with time and patience i have won him over and now his craving for attention wins out over his fear 90% of the time. Once he knows and trusts you he is a real attention seeker.
If you are watching tv or playing with your phone and he wants your attention he will get between you and whatever it is that is stopping you from giving him attention. He often climbs onto my keyboard while I am trying to use the laptop because that’s where my hands are and he wants me to pat him.
He loves to curl up on the couch and watch telly with you and lovessssss sleeping in bed with his humans.
He is a playful little soul and loves all toys he can chase, especially a toy on a string.
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