Adoption Profile:

Name: Fifi
DOB: 01/10/2021
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Alderley
Snuggle scope: Super Snuggly and affectionate
Cat scope: OK with right introduction
Dog scope: Untested but should be fine
Child scope: Untested but should be fine


Fifi loves humans, she likes to head boop and flop onto you, rolling over to tummy rubs. She is very outgoing and not afraid to actively seek out cuddles. Fifi is also a true huntress, pouncing and growling on her toys and loved to take them from room to room to either play on her own or ask you to play with her. Fifi has integrated well into a multi cat house, she can be a little stand off initially with resident cats but has overcome her initial reservations. Fifi is super snuggly and affectionate, not a peep vocally unless it is hunting down toys.
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