Adoption Profile:

Name: Raya
DOB: 11/10/2021
Gender: Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Redcliffe
Snuggle scope: Good
Cat scope: Good with correct introductions
Dog scope: Good with correct introductions
Child scope: Good


Are you looking for a furry companion you can have an actual conversation with? Then we have the girl for you!
Raya is a sassy little girl with a striking “torbie” (tabby/tortoiseshell) coat.
Raya loves to chat and will not hold back when it comes to letting you know her bowl is empty or it’s time for cuddles. And as far as Raya is concerned her bowl is never full enough and it is ALWAYS time for cuddles.
Found as a stray, Raya can sometimes be skittish around long legs and feet. However she feels safe and secure once in her human’s arms and will reward your embrace with loud, loving purrs.
Despite being quite scared and defensive initially, with correct introductions she has integrated well with her foster siblings, both four and two legged. Raya would also do equally well as your one and only.
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