Adoption Profile:

Name: Dawn
DOB: 11/02/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Newstead
Snuggle scope: I like to sleep in your lap while you’re on the computer!
Cat scope: gets on well with other cats – loves her brother Oz.
Dog scope: not tested
Child scope: not tested
Vet work: Complete


Hi there. My name is Dawn, and I’m the little cutie pie of my family. I was the first to purr, and I’ve barely stopped since. All it takes is a little scratch on my back and I’m all yours for hours on end. What more could you want! 
I’m the snuggliest out of my siblings, and look forward to many more sleepy snuggles with my new family. I’m very playful, and really love playing with my siblings, especially my brother Oz. I can’t wait to play and snuggle with you!
Dawn is an exquisite, rare ginger lady and the most pup like cat you’ll ever meet. She’s always by your side and comes running when she’s called. Dawn is super confident with people and other cats. Her happy place is in bed with her human best friends where she sleeps all night, every night. She loves life and she loves love. She welcomes all the pats, cuddles & playtime and can’t wait to find her forever family & home.
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