Adoption Profile:

Name: Flynn
DOB: 19/4/22
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $209
Location: Wynnum
Snuggle scope: Still working on it, likes a quick snug.
Cat scope: Soon to be tested.
Dog scope: Untested.
Child scope: Good with gentle hands and sensible children.
Vet work: Second vaccination complete
Next vaccination due: 25/08/2022
Date ready to leave care: September 2022


Flynn is a teeny little purr machine who wears his heart on his sleeve (…Literally. Check out his heart-shaped patch!). Sometimes when he is happy to see you, he wags his tail like a puppy. He is still very teeny, but growing in confidence every week. He is playful and loves a snuggly sleep with his brother, Felix.
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