Adoption Profile:

Name: Tormund
DOB: 25/08/2020
Gender: Male
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Kedron
Snuggle scope: Wants to be near you
Cat scope: Untested
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope: Untested but is very calm and gentle so should be OK with older gentle children


Hi, I’m Tormund, AKA the big unique ginger ninja.
My carer says I’m a bundle of love and quirkiness and will keep you entertained with my crazy antics, providing endless laughs.
I’m a very happy soul and love to have plenty of playtime with my favourite toys of rainbow foam balls, swizzle toys, paper bags, pegs or anything that crinkles, crunches or moves.
My favourite past times are watching the world from all the windowsills and feeling the breeze in my super cute lions mane.
Don’t you love my beautiful fleecy coat! I love to preen myself but also need to get brushed daily to keep me looking this fantastic.
If I want something I’ll let you know by saying “rah rah”, giving an occasional squeak, or rubbing myself against your legs.
Although I’m not a lap cat and don’t love being picked up, I welcome pats and chin/belly rubs. Once I’m comfortable in a new environment my true personality emerges. I’ve recently discovered that I love curling up next to my carer on the couch or bed.
I’m never far away from my human/s as love to see/supervise what is happening. I definitely prefer company so my ideal person would either work from home or have work from home days so we can hang. On the days that you do go to the office, I’ll be waiting at the door to welcome you home with love and happiness.
Routine is important to me to stop me feeling anxious. I love food and am on a special diet but need to ensure I’m not overfed.
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