Adoption Profile:

Name: Penny
DOB: 04/04/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption fee: $170
Location: Crestmead
Snuggle scope: affectionate
Cat scope: likes other cats
Dog scope: untested but shouldn’t be a problem
Child scope: Best suited to kids 5+


Penny has had a rough start to her life thus far and we don’t know her full story,but one thing is clear and that is she still loves humans.
Penny was found sitting on the side of a busy road. When taken to the vet for a routine microchip check it was discovered she was suffering from a diaphragmic hernia, which meant all her organs were pushed up into her chest cavity severely restricting her breathing.
A few days later Penny had the major surgery to fix her hernia and is now all healed up and acting like a kitten again.
Penny is fitting in well with the resident cats and is trying to be friends by playing with them but they’re not quite at that stage yet.
Penny is not shy and will run up to greet us when we come home.
She is a very sweet girl, doesn’t mind being picked up and will follow us around the house.
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