Adoption Profile:

Adoption Profile
Name: Anise
DOB: 20/05/2022
Breed: DMH
Gender: Female
Adoption fee: $170
Location: Redbank Plains
Snuggle Scope: Not a snuggler but loves butt scratches
Cat Scope: would love another cat friend
Child Scope: would suit home with no kids or older kids
Dog Scope: ok with correct introduction
Medical note:
Anise has been diagnosed with an immune mediated polyarthritis.
She is on medication that is likely to be needed lifelong, On this medicine, she has continued to improve.
She will need a loving home with someone who understands chronic disease and is able to medicate in an ongoing manor.
On medication we are hopeful she will be able to live a long and normal life.


This gorgeous girl was found living on the streets months ago and is now ready to find her forever home. Anise has blossomed into a beautiful little lady, who went from being terrified of people to an absolute sweetheart who loves headbutting her favourite humans. This cutie also loves to play with and is a enthusiastic bug hunter. She is also very food motivated so could likely be trained to do tricks. After a busy day she can usually be found sleeping on her carers bed (after her goodnight headbutt and pat or course). Anise will be fine with a calm dog with proper introductions and older quieter children who will respect her space.
This beautiful girl has had some spinal issues which are managed with medication however she does have some wobbliness in her back legs. This however does not get her down and she is still more than happy to play and loves a cuddle.
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