Adoption Profile:

Name: Levi
DOB : 5/10/22
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee:$200
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: loves a cuddle and must have a pat if someone else is getting pats
Cat scope: great after intro
Dog scope: Great with large dog
Child scope: good with kids


Levi is a gorgeous ginger with the sweetest nearly constant purr. Being hand raised as a baby, he knows where to get the cuddles! He adore snuggling with his humans, laying on their legs, laps, or curled up in their arms purring away.
He loves to rough and tumble and wrestle with the other kittens, but once done he becomes one of the biggest babies that you’ll ever meet, and just wants to snuggle with his humans. He’ll also settle for snuggling with his kitty friends. He loves his kitty friends and has quickly accepted them when he meets new ones and is soon found curled up napping with them.
Levi is a big brave boy, quick to explore new places or to make new friends and loves all sorts of toys. Initially not impressed with the resident large dog, given time to settle in Levi is now happy around it and is often caught rubbing into it or going up to receive a lick on the head. When ever the dog gets pats, levi is usually not far behind to demand his own pats.
With the arrival of colder weather, Levi has also discovered a new role that he loves – being a furry, purry hot water bottle! He loves keeping the human’s feet warm at night, but on the chilly nights and mornings he’ll also snuggle under the blankets like a big warm teddy bear.
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