Adoption Profile:

Name: Narisha
DOB: 17/09/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Fortitude Valley
Snuggle scope: Timid at first but loves pats when settled
Cat scope: Good
Dog scope: Good with small dogs
Child scope: Good with gentle, older children


I’m a little cat learning how to express my big feelings. Sometimes I want to hide, but also really want to have pats, so I try to turn both ways and end up walking sideways. My Foster Dad calls me a slinky, inky, furry noodle! I’ll arch next to you if I want to be stroked, and I’ll roll up into a ball and then streeetch when I’d like a tummy rub.
I have a tiny little squeaker for a “mew” that’s perfect for people who’d like someone a little quieter. I usually only sing the song of my people in excitement when I’m being fed. In contrast, I have a deep, rumbling purr, especially when I’m getting scritches.
I keep fit with prancercise and modelled my walk on Julie Newmar as Catwoman. I am an excellent hunter of “fire fairies” [the laser pointer’s red dot] and catch them all the time. My foster family thinks I may be part monkey, because of my long, expressive tail and dexterous paws. I am very clean and always use my litter tray. Although I may be shy upon first meeting you, once I get to know you I’ll be curled up, purring next to you on the couch.
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