Adoption Profile:

Name: Primrose
DOB: 6/11/2022
Breed: DSH
Gender: Female
Adoption fee: $200
Location: Wynnum
Snuggle scope: super sweet and cuddle. Loves to sit on your shoulder and snuggle in
Cat scope: Good
Dog scope: Good
Child scope: sweet and gentle


Primrose is a sweet little kitten who loves to snuggle into your neck. But behind that sweet kitten face is the heart of a mischief. She will be the first one to come for a snuggle but also the first one to play chasey up the hallway with you. She’s interactive and delightful. She talks in her gorgeous little kitten squeak and looks you right in the eye when she’s doing it. She wants to snuggle with our puppy (though he’s not quite there yet).
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