Adoption Profile:

Name: Frankie
DOB: 8/11/2022
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Bulimba
Snuggle scope: Snuggle bug when he is ready
Cat scope: very good
Dog scope: untested
Child scope: good with calm gentle hands


Frankie is a cute little boy who came into care with his surviving sister, Marcie and was nursed back to health by his foster carer.He has grown into a handsome, loving, gentle, playful and affectionate young man. He will subtlety or not so subtlety slide himself between the other cats so he can be closest to his foster carer. He has the loudest sweetest purr and as soon as you touch him, he is off and purring.
He loves to play with the other cats in the household and has formed a strong bond with his sister Marcie and his foster sister, Liv. They have affectionately been called the three amigos and are often found playing together, chasing each other up and down the hallway and hanging off the cat stand before all cuddling up together for a nap. He is never far from his human during both the day and night.
He understands that lights out means it is time to sleep but as soon as he senses that you are awake he is on your chest for a cuddle with a loud purr. He also loves to curl up on your lap after he has his breakfast. This little man has lots of love to give and equally loves to receive it. He is good with quiet visitors but as soon as someone with a loud voice enters the house he runs away but soon comes out to say hello and check out what is happening. He would suit a quieter household with another cat companion, his sister Marcie is also looking for her furever home!!
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