Adoption Profile:

Name: Pepsi
DOB : 13/09/2022
Gender : Female
Breed: Manx
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Maraden
Snuggle scope: Likes to snuggle after play time
Cat scope: Good with others
Dog scope: UNTESTED
Child scope : UNTESTED


Pepsi can be shy on initial meet but quickly warms up with toys and play, she is 100% on the go most of the time and with seek snuggle time when she is ready to snooze. She likes to roll onto her back and have tummy rubs then fall asleep. Pepsi is super chilled and not phased by sounds or bigger cats. Pepsi has already learnt boundaries with her work from home foster carer, and has a ‘special spot’ next her her foster mums desk she can be close enough to see what’s going on without interrupting her on online meeting! Pepsi loves playtime with her sibling, chasing and tumbling as well as exploring new places and trying out new and different toys. Pepsi is the first of her sibling to explore new places or try new toys, she quietly very confident is not afraid to step up or out into unknown situations.
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