Adoption Profile:

Name: Gizmo
DOB : 2/12/2022
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Alderley
Snuggle scope: King of FOMO & will flop into your arms
Cat scope: great with others
Dog scope: proper introductions with quiet dogs
Child scope : fine with children


Medical Note – Gizmo has an innocent heart murmur, this is a benign murmur that is evident only when stressed or through high energy outputs. After a check in with our cardiologist they agree it is nothing that is expected to affect him in the future.
Gizmo came to care as a wee little baby and was hand raised by one of our neo nurses, he is the definition of relaxed fluffy, gentle, smooshy boy. He is great with other cats and has found a love for hanging out with humans first, then will hang with the cats. His beautiful soft coat is a dream, he has vwey similiar features to a ragdoll, with large ears and paws and an adorable deep meow. Gizmo loves a good night time play, chasing anything that will move, he has an almighty jump. His ideal bed time is snuggled upto whoever goes to bed first.
Gizmo is a water baby, he frequents the shower with his carers and enjoys the sprinkle of the shower head on light. Gizmo has what we call the racoon tail, it is large and fluffy has a mind of its own. This guy is just a dream and being hand raised with multiple kitties he ks fhe perfect addition to any family.
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