Adoption Profile:

Name: Sylvester
DOB : 2/12/2022
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Alderley
Snuggle scope: Loves a snuggle
Cat scope: great with others
Dog scope: proper introductions with quiet dogs
Child scope : fine with children
Sylvester came to care as a wee little baby and was hand raised by one of our neo nurses, he is the definition of relaxed fluff ball. He is great with other cats and has found a love for sitting on window ledges and soaking up all the sun. His beautiful soft coat is a dream. Sylvester loves a good night time play, chasing anything that will move, he has an almighty jump. Sylvester gives off the characteristic of a ragdoll with his floppy cuddles and big boy stature.
Sylvester is a water baby, he frequents the shower with his carers and enjoys the sprinkle of the shower head on light. He has a beautiful excited nose purr when he is getting his pats and will always find a spot between whoever is sitting on the couch, or the bed to roll around for his snooze. If you are looking for a relaxed and well socialised kitty, Sylvester is the man for you.
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