Adoption Profile:

Name: Icarus
DOB : 03/08/2022
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Lutwyche
Snuggle scope: Lots!
Cat scope: Playful kitten boisterous behaviour. Confident with other cats.
Dog scope: Untested
Child scope : Untested


Icarus, or “Licky-Icky” as we affectionately call him, is a charismatic and playful kitten bound to steal your heart. Call his name and he with chirp and head bunt an enthusiastic greeting in return. He is equally entertained doing kitten zoomies chasing a toy, as he is passed out napping on a table or the couch. Cuddles are welcomed, belly touches included, but he will usually reserve lap snuggles for bedtime at night. Give him love and he will return it in multiples with endless licking and lack of personal space.
A confident little man for meeting other cats, but he will bring kitten mode 110%, so a patient tolerant cat house mate is recommended. He is crazy about dry food and Dine creamy sensations.
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