Adoption Profile:

Name: Fleur
DOB: 01/02/2021
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Clear Mountain
Snuggle Scope: Loves to snuggle into you in the evening whilst you tickle her under the chin
Cat Scope: Initially reserved but with a slow introduction she’ll flourish
Dog Scope: Untested
Child Scope: Untested


Fleur hasn’t had an easy life finding herself in a rural pound, but luckily she transported down to Brisbane where she can begin her new Purrfect life. Fleur is outwardly quite a confident little lady with her humans but deep down she needs time and patience for her to become comfortable in her new home. She is somewhat unsure of her kitty siblings- particularly the boisterous boy, but a slow and calm introduction would help her be the best kitty she can be.
Fleur is very playful especially when she’s in her tunnel, a real kitten at heart, she is very good motivated and will do anything for a Dine Creamy Treat! She loves company and will happily trot around with you, but equally she’s happy in her own company with some snacks and toys. In the evening Fleur loves nothing more than to snuggle up with you on the bed and relax.
Fleur currently has the opportunity to be safely outside on the balcony in a cat enclosure of which she loves, sitting watching all the wildlife go by equally it’s where she loves to play and run around.
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