Adoption Profile:

Name: Z
DOB: 18-12-22
Gender : Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Mt Gravatt East 
Snuggle scope: loves to snuggle.
Cat scope: great with other cats after proper introduction.
Dog scope: is ok with dogs as long as they don’t chase her.
Child scope: Is great with all humans. Untested around babies but young children, teens and adults are all ok.


Z(ed) is a gentle and quiet lad, compared to his siblings. He loves to come and rub against you to let you know he is ready for some snuggles and he starts to purr before you even touch him.
Z is a delight to have around and you’ll want to have lots of snuggles with this bundle of joy. Z is both quiet and chilled yet also adventurous and playful. He loves a good game of soccer with his siblings or to chase a little toy around. But once playtime is over he is happy to snuggle into you for a nap.
Are you ready to meet the sweetest little purr machine?
This little kitten has it all – easy going, playful and snuggly and just a gorgeous little soul. Come and meet him and see for yourself why you need a Z-man in your life.
The first to meet this gorgeous boy will be taking him home, you won’t be able to resist.
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