Adoption Profile:

Name: Blackberry
DOB: 05/12/2022
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Kippa Ring
Snuggle scope: He likes to be near you and will happily nap on your lap or next to you at night. His foster mum loves to pick him up and give him good, long cuddles.
Cat scope: Blackberry is currently living with his sister, five other foster kittens of various ages and two resident ragdolls, he absolutely loves his siblings and plays/snuggles up for naps with them.
Dog scope: not yet tested but doesn’t seem fazed when the big staffy from next door visits and says hello through the screen
Child scope: wary at first but warms up if he feels safe and they have a dangly toy to play with.


Blackberry and his sister had a rough start to life when they were handed into a vet clinic at around 6 weeks old. Initially they had some issues with ringworm and were underweight but this has all been sorted and they are now super healthy and well adjusted little kitties.
He’s a little shy but a super cute boy, his fur wasn’t great when he was younger but has grown back and is super soft and shiny. He loves to spend the day in the office near the human and older cats. If you like to give belly rubs, he will take them all day. Everyone needs a security escort to the bathroom don’t they?? This little panther provides this just to make sure you arrive safely.
Blackberry isn’t a constant lap cat but he does come and lay on your lap every now and then, if he’s not on your lap then he’s on the top of the cat tree with the other fosters. He is super playful and has grown more and more confident as he’s gotten older. He is a beautiful, sweet cat that would love to meet you!
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