Adoption Profile:

Name: Cara
DOB: 02/10/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Bonogin, Gold Coast
Snuggle scope: Ridiculous – absolutely zero boundaries when it comes to snuggles
Cat scope: great with correct introductions
Dog scope: Lives happily with a small dog in her foster home
Child scope: Great with kids


Medical Note: Cara was born with eyelid agenesis, which is a deformity where eyelids don’t form in utero. Cara’s case was severe, with 80% of her eyelids missing on both eyes. She has had one procedure of Cryotherapy which stops the eyelashes and fur growing around the eye. This procedure went very well. She needs to see the eye specialist again in May and may need another simple procedure, which BFF will be covering. At this stage we are looking at a foster to adopt situation for Cara so she can go to her forever home, but still be the responsibility of BFF until we know her eyes don’t need further procedures. Her eyes are also a little deformed, so we aren’t sure if she has complete vision, but she functions like any normal kitten. If you wish to read more about eyelid agenesis and cryotherapy, please visit…/….
Are you looking for the absolutely best little cat on the planet? Then look no further than Cara as she is beyond perfect!
Cara was found as a neonate with no mum in sight. Unfortunately her siblings had passed away and she was all alone. She was hand raised as a solo baby, so imprinted on humans. We often refer to Solo babies who grow up without cat company as “baby sharks” because they haven’t been taught by a mum or siblings not to play with their teeth! She became part of the BFF family when she was 8 weeks old, and quickly earned the nickname “chomps”. Her foster family have worked hard with her to teach her not to play with her teeth, and mostly she’s great and has replaced “mouthing” with licking – sometimes when she gets excited she reverts back to teeth, but it’s always gentle and she never hurts.
Cara has absolutely zero concept of personal space, and loves to be as close to you as humanly possible – if she could crawl into your skin she probably would!! She LOVES to be picked up and carried around, and loves to be close to where her humans are, and if there is an opportunity to sit on you for a nap, she’s there. Your bed is her preferred place to sleep at night, on your pillow nice and close to your face. She’s a great bed buddy and won’t wake you up super early.
Cara has several other kittens the same age as her in her foster home and loves the companionship. She loves her friends and plays extremely well. She also loves her toys, and is very dedicated to having fun!
This sweet girl is quite large for her age, so we believe she will grow into a big cat – she has a beautiful medium length coat with the most beautiful long fluffy tail – she is going to be a striking cat when she grows up.
Cara is a perfect little girl, and needs the perfect home, ideal with another young cat/kitten for her to play with. If you think you can provide the perfect home to this amazing little girl, please
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