Adoption Profile:

Name: Adora
DOB : 12th May 2022
Gender : Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Ormiston
Snuggle scope: Highly affectionate – but I lay with you not on you
Cat scope: untested but optimistic
Dog scope: untested
Child scope : confident, play with me!


This young girl was surrendered into care whilst in labour with her babies.
She adjusted to her foster home and having her two brand new little babies all within 24 hours and was so calm, gentle and loving.
Adora is kind, playful, confident and quirky. She chirps at every opportunity, almost like she is having a conversation with you. Excited to see you she will roll on the floor and bleet out little songs of joy.
She is the ultimate companion, coping well when left at home but absolutely adores time spent together. She shows excellent manners inside with her litter and house etiquette.
She loves to play chasey, laser and wrestling with her two young kittens. She has been an extremely loving mum, and while she hasn’t had access to other cats with the right introduction and not in the protective Mumma cat mode, she may very well enjoy more company; as she has certainly loves her kittens.
She has a huge soft spot for the male occupants of our house and will often seek out their company first. Her main foster carer has been a teenage boy and they have spent countless hours bonding, chilling out in bed with Netflix and fortnite, eating snacks, basically being teenagers together. We envisage her to be in a family environment where she will be welcomed to share a bed with her humans, allowed to lay up on the lounge and basically be where you are.
She is ok to be held in small doses but Adora’s love language is to sit next to you and cuddle you. Her affection is shown in so many other ways and we would ideally like a home that can understand that. For us, we have found her so enjoyable. She has a lovely respect for personal space while constantly wanting to be where you are. However, in her short time in care she is learning that love in the arms of her humans is actually quite lovely, so there is probably room for her to grow here.
She will fill your heart and make you smile. She is an exceptional little friend to us and we can’t wait to meet the special people that wish to have this girl in their lives. If in particular you’re looking for a companion for a young boy or have a man in the house that would really love a little shadow, please come meet Adora. She’s waiting to meet you.
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