Adoption Profile:

Name: Maki
DOB : 9/11/22
Gender : female
Breed: domestic short hair
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Ipswich
Snuggle scope: Maki likes being picked up but prefers to sit/lie/sleep beside or near you especially at night.
Cat scope: Totally ok!
Dog scope: untested
Child scope : untested


Maki is a super sweet little girl and is absolutely adorable with her calico colouring. She is a very gentle cat and will put a paw on you rather than swat when she decides she doesn’t want to be patted. She is quiet and often you will turn around and she will just suddenly be there beside you.
She loves toys but is not especially playful although sometimes will chase balls and other toys around. She loves chasing bugs though! She loves her food too. She is a really delightful little lady and would make a lovely companion for someone who prefers a quiet cat.
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