Adoption Profile:

Name: Marisol
DOB: 28/03/2022
Gender: Female
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $170
Location: Lutwyche 
Snuggle scope: super sweet smoochy girl
Cat scope: Great with other cats
Dog scope: Unphased by the small dog in her Foster home
Child scope: Untested but should be fine with gentle hands


Medical Note:

Marisol has experienced a mild case of urinary crystals, they have resolved however she will always need to be fed a quality diet and is temporarily on daily medication to assist with this. Crystals are an easy condition to prevent and manage, and we will ensure her future forever home are equipped with all the knowledge they need to help her stay happy and healthy.

Beautiful Marisol, what an absolute treasure you are!! Marisol was supposed to be part of our last litter program (where we take the kittens and desex mumma cat for the owners), but the day she gave birth to 6 babies, her owner realised they couldn’t care for them anymore so they were surrendered.
Marisol has been a wonderful mum to her 6 little ones, and how that they have grown, she is looking for a family to call her own.
Marisol is absolutely amazing with other animals, and integrated into her foster home without even a second thought. She is great with other cats, and completely fine with the small dog in her home. Although there are no small children in her foster home, she is soft and gentle and super sweet, so she would be great with children.
Now that Marisol doesn’t have a hoard of kittens to look after anymore, she is thriving in the roll of “single life”, and is having a great time playing and having no strings attached. She is prone to the zoomies at time, but is happy to settle down at the end of the evening for a lovely sleep – her sleeping spot of preference is the bed if allowed.
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