Adoption Profile:

Name: Harley
DOB: 17/09/2021
Gender: Male
Breed: DSH
Adoption Fee: $ 170
Location: Ashgrove 4060
Snuggle scope: An expert cuddler once he knows
Cat scope: Excellent with all cats
Dog scope: Minimally tested (but likely ok)
Child scope: Great with older children!


Hello groovers! My name is Harley, and I very much live up to myclassic motorcycle namesake: I’m sleek & shiny, cooler-than-cool, have plenty of get-up-and-go, and my motor literally purrs like a kitten! As a tiny bub I had a rather inauspicious start to life, but thanks to BFF I soon discovered the delights of a warm bed and a full tummy, and can’t wait to find my furever home!
My foster mum has a nickname for me: Mr FOMO! I absolutely, definitely, positively need to be involved in anything that’s going down, and my dream is to find a special human of my own for whom I can become a loyal shadow and sidekick……I hope you’re not too precious about your personal space, because I will stick to you like glue!! And I’m not gonna lie, one of my fav things ever is to accompany you to the bathroom for shower
I’m super affectionate, will purr instantly when I see you, am an expert couch and bed snuggler/draper, and literally melt into puddle in your arms during cuddles. I have the cutest habit of reaching my arms up and around your neck to give delicious hugs. I’m also quite partial to popping up behind you and tapping you on the shoulder or gently tugging your ponytail to remind you that you are the presence of fabulousness and pats are mandatory! I’m currently working on learning to high-5, however my success rate is directly proportional to my attention span.
I’m a happy and care-free kid with endearing little vampire fangs that peep out when I smile! I quickly develop a very close bond with those I trust, and would make a most excellent companion for a special human friend (probably 8 years and older), especially someone who may be anxious or neuro-divergen as I very much understand myself what that feels like.
I’m very playful and loyal, so would adore a home where someone is present most of the time and can interact with me throughout the day. I will do my best to convince you that I’m dying from hunger on at least an hourly basis, and perhaps may not yet have kicked my food thief ways… biggie in my personal opinion, but apparently less is more when it comes to a self-respecting kitty’s waistline?! I’m very comfy with and respectful of other cats and would do well in a home with feline friends – pups are still an unknown factor, however I’m quite adaptable and would likely be fine with a doggy.
I’m super excited for my next chapter, so if you’d like to welcome some Harley awesomeness into your life, please rev your engines and click on the below link and complete the form
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