Adoption Profile:

Name: Hilda
DOB: 23/2/2023
Gender: Female
Breed: DMH
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Carindale
Snuggle scope: a little shy, but loves pats and scritches
Cat scope: Good
Dog scope: currently testing with large dog
Child scope: Untested


Hilda is a beautiful fluffy little house panther that likes to pounce and explore. She likes to run about her room chasing and playing with her sisters and toys. She often lets her bigger sisters approach people first, let’s them suss out if it’s ok, before she joins in for her own pats. Hilda loves a good scratch across her shoulders and back and will arch up into your hand purring at you to keep going. She also loves exploring, checking out places for new adventures. But when it’s snooze time Hilda loves a basket up high or a nice snuggly bed and stretching and rolling about until comfy.
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