Adoption Profile:

Name: Toby
DOB: 07/02/2023
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $200
Location: Kippa Ring
Snuggle scope: Toby is the ultimate kitty snuggler, he loves a nap on your lap and to get a good head scratch. He will also spend a lot of time curled up with his sister and foster siblings napping.
Cat scope: Toby currently lives with his sister and two other foster siblings as well as the two resident ragdolls. Up until recently there were three other fosters also here, he absolutely loved the older kittens and would follow them everywhere, when they were in quarantine for ringworm, he would sit by their pen to keep a close eye on them and occasionally jump on the top to cave it in and try to play with them through the pen. He is quite a social little man.
Dog scope: Not yet tested but doesn’t seem fazed when the big staffy from next door visits and says hello through the screen


Toby came to BFF after being rescued from a cat colony with his sister Ruby and their mum. They were newborns and were with their mumma until they were weaned where they were moved to their current foster family so that they could be socialised with other kittens. He looks small for his age but is a really good weight and loves his food. Toby is full of fun and loves to play with his siblings and any humans that would like to join in.
Toby is super curious about everything, he follows the robovac around at a safe distance, he will watch the water fall on the shower screen when the humans are having a shower, sits beside the dishwasher when it’s on. Loves to watch the outside world from the top of the cat tree. He will follow you to the bathroom everytime, just to make sure you arrive safely and are not lonely.
Toby is just the all round sweetest kitty!
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