Adoption Profile:

Name: Jem
DOB: 2/4/23
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Adoption Fee: $225
Location: Kippa-Ring
Snuggle scope: Very snuggly when he’s comfortable and not running around like a kitten. Purrs as soon as he’s pat
Cat scope: Loves playing with others his age. Mingles with older cats
Dog Scope: untested
Child Scope: Untested


Jem is a curious little bundle of energy. He loves to zoom around the house bouncing off the cat trees and couches, you will never not have a smile on your face around this little guy. He loves to cuddle up with his siblings whatever time of day it is and if he’s not sleeping then he’s finding the next toy to play with. He generally keeps himself busy by tapping his little mouse around or tackling his siblings.
He loves an all round body scratch and wiggles it in appreciation. He’s a cuddly little boy and will accept all the love he can get.
Once settled for the night he will cuddle up to you and purr himself to sleep
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